Sorry, our whitepaper is still in draft. Available soon.


The presentation made for the Ministry of Health:  Download PDF (Dutch)
English presentation:  Download Powerpoint file


Short pitch / introduction:  Download Mp4 (114 MB, Dutch)

Links to publications

Labchain is featured in the Blockchain & Healthcare 2017 strategy guide (dr. Axel Schumacher, Springer)  Download PDF (English)

Labchain FAQ


Yes. We use the technology and its built around the highest standards of encryption and data integrity. The software will be open source so data can be traced troughout the system.


No. We will build a 'permissioned' or 'private' blockchain with a predefined list of nodes. Only those who are inside that network are allowed to decrypt the data, only if the persons have permissions to access it.


Labchain is only using the blockchain-technology, not the bitcoin network. We do not use miners, all the transactions are pre-seeded. The blockchainsoftware already proved itself as un-hackable and very efficient.


It will not break the bank because it uses common mini-computer components. The pricing will be available in 2018.


Yes. We have broad experience with interfaces from/to laboratory information systems. We will also support new standards like LOINC and XDS. We even aim to set new standards.